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Human to Business (H2B) Recruiting & Talent Solutions


H2B Consulting, Inc. was created with a focus on obliterating “body shop” recruiting practices. So, if you’ve worked with an agency in the past, and have adopted a strict “never again” approach to the traditional partnership, it’s especially important that you know what to expect when working with H2B Consulting and why we are different.


  • We WON’T bait (post fake jobs to get you to submit your resume) you
  • We WON’T ghost (ignore you after you submit your resume) you
  • We WON’T set you up for failure
  • We WON’T use your resume to lure in new clients


  • We WON’T send you irrelevant or unavailable candidates to look busy
  • We WON’T submit candidates who don’t align with your culture
  • We WON’T use a ringer to complete tech screens for less qualified candidates
  • We WON’T undermine your internal Talent Acquisition / Recruiting team


  • We WILL complete full or partial lifecycle projects for your Organization
  • We WILL always bring experienced and exceptional talent to the hiring table
  • We WILL provide you with the tools and talent to implement and execute your projects
  • We WILL operate as a true partner to meet your talent and workforce needs


Debi Easterday

Debi Easterday

CEO | Chief H2B Consultant

Candidate-centric, heart-centric, employer matchmaker. At the center of everything I do both personally and professionally, is the awareness that there is a human being at the end of every transaction.

I stumbled into a position in Recruiting 20 years ago and never looked back. Since then, I’ve successfully recruited for start-up, small business and Fortune 100 clients with positions spanning from light industrial and administrative roles, to C-level Executive and highly-specialized technical and engineering roles.

I’m an avid hunter (not animals…ONLY people) that derives intense satisfaction from identifying the ideal candidate for his/her equally perfect new career home. I’m an admitted idealist who wants everyone to love going to work every day. H2B Consulting was born to help me accomplish this goal. Connecting Humans to Businesses that will support, grow them and lead them to living happier lives….That’s what I do.

We’ve successfully recruited for some amazing companies.

We want yours to be next.

Connecting Humans to Businesses 20 Years